Alexi Pappas: Community support inspires Tracktown movie

EUGENE, Ore. – Just like elite running, which takes the support of coaches, loved ones, massage therapists and teammates to bring an athlete to his or her highest peaks, an indie film also requires an entire network of support to reach its audience. Now that my movie, Tracktown, is being released into the big world, I find myself reflecting on the real-life town that inspired it.

“everyone was eager to help see the film come to life in their own backyards.”
– Alexi Pappas

Tracktown was filmed entirely in Eugene and Springfield – it was homegrown with support from the community. The script is inspired by my experiences running around the local trails and at historic Hayward Field. I remember when I first moved here, I found a community that embraced running unlike any other place I’d experienced. What I found is that the same people who gave me permission to believe in myself as a runner helped me believe in myself as an artist.

The local support we garnered in Eugene and Springfield ranged from people at my local fish market to the friends from TrackTown Fitness on Sundays – everyone was eager to help see the film come to life in their own backyards. Current, former, and future running teammates acted in the film, and so did my coach! Running mentors of mine doubled up as producers on the film. The legendary Olympian and gatekeeper of Hayward Field, Lance Deal, not only helped us manage our filming at the track but also makes a cameo rolling out bread dough in the bakery scene!

This week, after years of work and anticipation, the movie is crossing the finish line: Tracktown is opening in 10 theaters around the country (including Eugene’s Broadway Metro), as well as digital and on-demand nationwide. I am honored to be able to share a small slice of TrackTown USA in the film, and I hope that it makes everybody in Eugene proud — from the fish market to Hayward Field and everywhere in between.

To find where to watch the film, please visit and check out the movie trailer below!